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Extension and Advisory Services

Approximately 1.5 billion people are engaged in smallholder agriculture across the world. They include 75% of the world’s poorest people whose food, income, and livelihood prospects depend on agriculture. Growing populations, urbanization, and improved communications and infrastructure are generating opportunities in expanding domestic and export markets for farmers who can consistently link high production with sales.

Despite their important role as food producers, their commercial prospects for remain a challenge. Key issues include finding better means of coordinating and sustaining services, and implementing policies that build the capabilities of farmers to raise incomes by linking to various types of markets.

Extension systems, consulting and advisory services, and training programs have the potential of helping various farmer types to improve their production and market linkages despite having different needs and capabilities.
We provide technical advisory at varying points to ensure the farmer gets the right quantity and quality of inputs at the right time, at the right price, applied at the right time and in the right way.

Land preparation, input distribution, ploughing, tractor services, harvesting, processing, storage and marketing. We support farmers to implement strategies for continuous improvement on-farm to achieve sustainability and productivity goals.

Consultancy Services

We provide training and support services to smallholder farmers and agribusiness enterprises in the sector with the following:


Agribusiness Solutions

Business consultation, feasibility, appraisal, business plans, start-up development, investment opportunities


Value Addition

Processing, preservation and packaging



Market research development, market facilitation and linkages



Project development, product development and contract farming, organic farming



Irrigation, pest management, traceability, business appraisal, and financial reporting tools



Good agricultural practices, food safety, skills and capacity development, incubator and accelerator hubs, agricultural tourism and internship, study tours



Seed, fertilizer, equipment, private extension



Grant and loan facilitation, proposal development, inventory, budgeting and cost management



community project development, public-private partnerships, contract farming


Customized Program
Agripreneurs Africa offers customized in-house and field-based training for individuals, staff of NGOs, companies and cooperatives across a range of topics in the agricultural industry. We also develop blended training programs based on the needs of agribusiness enterprises. We offer fully customized training solutions in order to address the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. We understand that your business and training goals are unique, and many organizations today want a more highly customized training program for improving production, employee performance, organizational communication and developing leaders.
Starting with conversations between our team and yours, we build your training from the ground up. We work together to identify and understand your training objectives and goals. You have an opportunity to discuss your training and development objectives with our specialist team.
Modular Training Program

It is estimated that over 70% of agribusiness startups fail within the first five years.   How can you establish a sustainable agribusiness enterprise? Do you have a startup or idea but do not know where to get funding? How to you plan your production activity for continuous supply throughout the year?  Why the need to plan the marketing of your produce?  How do you develop a bankable business proposal for funding? How do you get the right investors to support your start-up or scale up your enterprise?  We have developed practical training to answer all these questions and more.

This modular training program offers individuals the unique opportunity to acquire the requisite skills in either working in agribusiness enterprises or establishing their own. The program can be taken as a group or as an individual and is made up of a wide range of topics from leadership, creativity, management and other technical areas.

Participants gain relevant skills, practical experience, leadership and innovative skills that can help them to become change-makers in the sector. Below are some of the modules:

  • Introduction to Agripreneurship
  • Introduction to Agribusiness
  • Financing Agribusiness Enterprise
  • Agribusiness marketing
  • Communication in Business
  • Recruiting the right people
  • Self-Management
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Financing for start-ups
  • Raising capital for project expansion
  • Implementing Projects
  • Personal Productivity
  • Building a great team
  • Increasing Performance


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